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Welcome to the Small Press League (SPL). Originally conceived in 1997 the SPL began as a local movement primarily featuring the work of Southeast authors and artists. Since then the SPL has expanded greatly with members from l across the country and the United Kingdom

The mission of the SPL is to promote and publish the work of the autonomous author and artist. By going interactive community, we will provide you with a forum to meet others who share our vision.


Once upon a time I put together a poetry magazine. Tim Kelly of the SPL has announced plans for the rebirth of that magazine as an SPL zine. Actually, it's spirit will live on via a section of the all-encompassing 'zine CrossCurrents.

Send us your poems, as well as B&W cover art & tiny "spot" illustrations, and bask in the glory & fame only being an SPL member can bring you!

Will Dockery
POBox 3663
Phenix City AL 36868

In 2001, poet Will Dockery handed over the duties of the SPL to yours truly, cartoonist Tim Kelly. I'm accepting submissions for the club anthology, CROSSCURRENTS, and all participants will receive two free complimentary copies!
Please email me for mailing address.

Guidelines: No nudity and/or excessive violence/abusive themes (rape, sodomy, etc.)
Deadline: 12/11/01
maximum 3 typed pages

Writing is more than anything a compulsion, like some people wash their hands thirty times a day for fear of awful consequences if they do not.
Julie Burchill--

Creating is a compulsion. It's addictive. When we talk about AA we don't mean we're drunks, well most of us.

Is it genetic? Did it all start when you put your first pen to paper? Is it the click clack of typewriter keys that gets your blood pumping? Is it the swoosh of a brush on canvas, the smell of linseed oil, that makes you sell your soul?

No need to be ashamed. We are all AA here. It's not an elite club. There is nothing heroic about it. Yet, the rewards are golden.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step on a very long road. If you too belong in AA let is know what we can do to help you. Simply contact us and let you know a little about you.

Remember though all our activities are B.Y.O.B

Bring your own book!